DPF Cleaner

With the growing issues with Diesel Particulate Filter’s on diesel cars causing the car to go into limp mode, or just poor performance due to soot build up within the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), the choices of getting it fixed can be expensive and difficult.














This is why we have invested in a;  Forte Power Cleaner to tackle blocked DPF’s on the vehicle at a much cheaper cost than having it removed, paying for it to be cleaned, then paying to have it re-fitted!

After years of trying different Diesel Particulate Filter cleaners, Forte Power Cleaner has been the most effective solution to solving blocked DPF’s.  


Once the Diesel Particulate Filter has been cleaned, looking at the reasons why the DPF is getting blocked is just as important as the cleaning itself.

From type of fuel used, start stop trips, injection issues, engine services to name a few. Call us now to see how we can help with DPF cleaning on your vehicle.

We also offer Turbo Cleaning, Injection Cleaning, Intake Cleaning – Petrol and Diesel engines to improve the efficiency of your engine.