Re-Mapping to improve your engine's performance

Re-mapping to improve engines performance

Why Re-map your engine?

Here is the process and benefits from having your engine Re-mapped:


The process

We read your ECU and send it away to be analysed, so your vehicle ECU can be adjusted within the engine management programme, also known as the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This engine software is largely responsible for the behaviour of the Land Rover Defender 2.5 TD5 122hp engine and its fuel consumption.


The benefits

In the case of the Land Rover Defender 2.5 TD5 122hp engine, the chip tuning file we use is tailored for more power and torque, reduced fuel consumption, smoother acceleration and improved throttle response.


By optimising the torque curve the Land Rover Defender 2.5 TD5 122hp engine produces more torque at lower RPM. This also means that you can change gear earlier, so your Land Rover engine will run at lower revs and therefore more efficiently with best possible performance and results within the original safety margins.

So you can see there are big gains to be had not only in performance but with fuel efficiency by having your engine re-mapped.

Ring today for details on what gains you can make from your engine by having a custom re-map on your car.

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Steven, VW Golf Mk6 1.4TSI

Better performance, better fuel mpg, a lot better car to drive - highly recommended

Richard, Land Rover Defender Puma

I tow a caravan with my 2.4tdci puma, and have to say after having it re-mapped at Dunthorne’s, the difference of power and torque was very noticeable up the hills in Cornwall, I can now pull up the hills so much easier. Excellent well worth doing.

KIM -Audi TT

Can’t put into words the difference the performance is now the engine has been re-mapped – Just WOW!!